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K18 detox shampoo is the magic key for your hair and scalp problems.

If your scalp is sensitive and oily, sometimes flaky and dry, and you’ve tried many products but didn’t get the best results you want, we offer you the solution with a unique formula found in our product.

To know how k18 detox shampoo is useful for your hair, first, you should know the structure of hair and scalp to detect the great effect.

k18 Detox Shampoo

What is the scalp and hair structure?

Hair is divided into three parts: shaft, root, and bulb.


It is the outer part of the hair follicle which is visible.


Located within the hair follicle itself which is not visible.


Located at the base of the root of the hair follicle, deeper than the root


Under the root are three layers of reproductive cells (germinal cells) forming the matrix.

Some melanocytes are just under the matrix. They are responsible for melanin formation and hair coloring.

What is detox and why k18 detox shampoo is the best choice for detoxifying?

Beautiful hair equals a healthy scalp, your scalp is the base from which your hair grows. your scalp is exposed to build-up which acts as a barrier to new hair growth and may lead to adverse scalp conditions.

Hair detox is the process of removing oil, product build-up, and dirt from your stands leaving your hair and scalp refreshed and revived.

Regular scalp and hair detox is the secret to improving your scalp and growing healthier and longer hair.

K18 detox shampoo is characterized by

Nonstripping clarifying shampoo with k18 peptide to effectively remove 99%product build up,76%copper and 95%sebum for detoxified, refreshed hair in a gentle method.

The peptide formula in k18 detox shampoo gives potent deeper cleaning action and restores hair strength and elasticity.

K18 peptide helps reduce protein loss to help keep hair feeling healthy and strong.

Reverse damage in 4 minutes as it works at the innermost layers of hair.

K18 peptide protects the hair color.

K18 detox shampoo is suitable for all hair types powered by plant-based surfactants. Deep cleansing without film forming silicones or waxes.

Cruelty-free and vegan, and certified plastic neutral.

What is the composition of k18 detox shampoo?

It is engineered with 18 ingredients, no filler

- Sodium c14 olefin sulfonatete

- Cocamidopropyl betaine

- Sodium methyl 2 sulfurate

- Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate

- Sh oligopeptide 78

- Panthenol

- Glycerin

- Sodium phytate

- Guar hydroxypropyl cetrimonium chloride

- Disodium 2 sulfurate

- Capryl glycol

- Capryl hydroxamic acid

- Benzoic acid

- Citric, parfum and limonence

- Aqua (water)

Research indicates that some types of peptides have a role in slowing the hair aging process, reducing inflammation, and destroying microbes that may infect the scalp.

k18 Detox Shampoo

The role of peptide formula, panthenol, and glycerin in k18 detox shampoo

Peptide formulas are easier to absorb than large protein, they are more easily penetrate the skin and hair as they are smaller in size.

Panthenol maintains moisture inside the hair making it less brittle and more moisturized.

Glycerin is a highly effective natural humectant with a small molecular size to improve softness and add moisture to the hair, it improves the manageability of hair health.

When do you need to use k18 detox shampoo?

In the case of:

Greasy hair

Appears greasy, dirty, and oily and often has an unpleasant odor.

Seborrheic alopecia

It is seborrheic hair loss in which premature hair loss due to excessive sebum leads to acceleration of hair loss.

Scalp itchiness

An uncomfortable sensation leads to scratching the skin and scalp associated with pain.

Seborrheic dermatitis

It is the presence of oily, yellow flakes on the skin, associated with intense itching and erythema.

What are the benefits of using k18 detox shampoo?

 - Reduced dryness, itchiness, and flakiness of the scalp

 - Reduced oiliness

 - Reduced scalp inflammation and sensitivity

- Softer, shinier hair

- Improve hair growth

- Fuller, thicker hair

- Stimulate hair follicule

- Improve hair manageability and easier styling

- Reduce dandruff

- Boost hair growth and reduce hair fall

How to apply k18 detox shampoo?

- Massage the shampoo through damp hair, focusing on the scalp.

Part of the process is enjoying a nice, long massage to break up build-up, also it improves the blood flow which stimulates hair growth.

- Rinse it out thereafter.

- Repeat the application if necessary.

How often should you use k18 detox shampoo?

The frequency of using the shampoo depends on how much product you typically use, and how oily your scalp is.

For optimal benefit, apply it once a week. if you notice itchiness or flaking during the week you can simply use it twice a week.

Brushing your hair incorrectly can lead to hair damage and harm the scalp, so you should use the right brush which is a soft, bristle brush that can distribute oil throughout your scalp and hair and add shine.

What should you keep in mind before using k18 detox shampoo?

1. avoid doing a scalp detox on the same day as a chemical treatment such as dying or highlighting your hair.

2. avoid hair styling which you pull on the scalp on the same day including a tight bun, ponytail, or braid.

3. it is better before applying any new product to apply a small amount on a small area to ensure that you don’t have any sensitivity.

So you’ll need exfoliating or clarifying shampoo to deeply remove build-up and cleanse plus a nourishing scalp treatment to hydrate and rebalance the scalp. 

So we offer you other k18 products to use in conjunction with k18 detox shampoo so can obtain an ideal hair.

Other k18 products

- K18 molecular repair hair oil.

- k18 leave in a molecular repair hair mask.

- k18 peptide prep ph maintenance shampoo (alternative with detox shampoo).

- a new package includes detox shampoo+leave molecular repair hair mask+molecular repair hair oil.

K18 detox shampoo is engineered to weightlessly soften and detangle your hair, remove dead skin cells and build-up without stripping hair leaving you with a clean citrus scent, cleaner, and healthier tresses.

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